For less waste and pollution in the textile industry.

The increasing social and environmental impact of the textile industry has led us to make our contribution to sustainability within the area of textiles as well. Because the production of denim fabric still requires an extremely large amount of resources. For example, the inconceivably high water consumption for annual cotton production shows the extent of the resources required. As a manufactory producing denim products we are aware of our responsibility.

Therefore, from 2025 onwards for the benefit of the planet, offcuts are to be spun into new threads and these woven into new fabrics. The fabric scraps are high quality Japanese denim and their high cotton quality should live on.
Less waste and less pollution are the goal.
To accomplish this it takes extremely precise planning and monetary support. Currently we are developing the process and looking for premises to have enough space for the machines necessary.

We are aware of the fact that improvements always bring new challenges. However, this long journey will always give us the opportunity to change and improve things. That’s why we will never stop questioning ourselves, developing new innovative solutions and thus become more and more environmentally friendly and meet our social responsibility.