the story

Since 2010 I have been producing high quality jeans from Japanese denim with the label Ruttloff.
Besides the limited collections, my manufactory is specialized in individualized products, like custom jeans and made-to-measure jeans.


The precise sewing process of reinforcements at all stress points of our jeans ensure little wear and tear. Even with intensive load the jeans are extremely durable.


Besides all the processing techniques, high quality denim from Japan provides a basis for long-lasting jeans. The cotton used is extremely strong and will age beautifully when woven due to its dyeing with natural indigo.



During cutting fabric remnants are produced, whose high cotton quality we would like to preserve. The offcuts will be collected, shredded and woven back into fabric internally by 2025 at the latest.


In addition to a good wage, our tailors and sewing workers receive a bicycle for their daily commute. Since the manufacturing of jeans is a physically demanding activity, sporting activities are monetarily encouraged.


In addition to recycling our fabric scraps, we also accept older products from our manufactory to recover their cotton.
This allows waste to be recycled as a valuable resource and to reduce the climate impact, compared to new cotton. Customers receive 10% off a new pair of Ruttloff jeans from our collections in case of return.


To save resources we ship our products without tissue papers or additional packaging material.
Also no plastic packaging or anything else is used. In addition, the packages are as small as possible to allow a more efficient shipping process.