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I have been making high-quality jeans with my label in my studio since 2010.

THE STORY The label Ruttloff Jeans

Since 2010 I have been producing high-quality jeans made of Japanese denim with the Ruttloff label. In addition to the limited collections, my manufactory specializes in individualized products such as custom jeans and made-to-measure jeans. The high quality that results from my manual processing techniques and the selected materials is an investment in the future and creates a longevity and sustainability of timeless pieces. In a culture of fast consumption, I want to rethink, reduce and refine our clothing. The focus here is never on short-lived trends, but on how the garment wears, feels and goes through the ages with honor.

The handmade pieces take a lot of time in their development and processing, which is why I can only produce limited quantities. The Japanese denim used for this impresses with its intensive indigo coloring, long durability and high quality.
A respectful handling of these materials is very important to me and I am very proud to be able to show this in connection with Japanese craftsmanship in my work.

In addition to the manual creation of denim products, I am committed to individual advice and a strong service.
I am constantly working on optimizing my products, rethinking designs and incorporating innovative, sustainable processes.
As a local manufacturer, it is my concern to preserve the freedom and independence of the label in order to remain true to the values ​​mentioned.

Johann Ruttloff


The high-quality Japanese denim, which forms the basis for the processing of Ruttloff jeans, can also be purchased from us in a separate shop.